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Drain Cleaning

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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Clogs and Drainage Issues

Are you dealing with slow drains? Frustrated over recurring clogs? Do persistent odors emanate from the drains in your home? Don’t fret! Having a clogged drain is one of the more frustrating issues for every homeowner. We provide you with the best drain cleaning services in Yakima, unclog and clean main sewers, and more. Our licensed professionals carry the right tools to clear and clean clogged drains, ensuring your plumbing system functions efficiently.

Drain Cleaning Services

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Clogged Drain Service – Our Process

Have you got clogged drains? Looking for the best ‘drain specialist near me’ to remove the clogs and fix your drains? We employ the advanced Hydro-jetting technology with plumbing video cameras to identify the blockages more accurately and remove them effectively. Our procedure is quick and effective, and will help get the job done at the right time. We also offer same-day appointments for emergency situations.

Drain Cleaning

Is your drain clogged with food debris, oil, and grease, or more? Our residential drain cleaning services remove the clog and get the drain flowing again.

Sewer Repair

Our drain plumber near you also specializes in trenchless methods for sewer line repairs, and helps restore your sewer line without destroying your lawn or landscape.

Hydro Jetting

We employ the advanced hydro jetting technique, which uses strong streams of highly pressurized water to remove any blockage in your drain or sewer line. This method also cleans the inside of the pipes, preventing future clogs.

Sewer Cleaning

If the blockage is in the main sewer line, we perform sewer cleaning to remove the blockage. In cases, if your sewer line is completely collapsed, we will install a new pipe to help solve the problem.

Drain Repair

Our licensed plumbers will identify the cause of the trouble, fix your drain, and get it working again in no time.

Clogged Drain Cleaning Near Me – Call Us Now!

Are you searching for ‘emergency drain cleaning near me?’ Our professionals are well-equipped and trained to perform drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, drain repairs, and more. We will inspect the clogged drain, identify the issue, and discuss the repair options with you. Schedule an appointment today!

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A clogged drain can be annoying, hence recognizing the common signs of drain clogging is essential to avoid complex plumbing issues. Some of the common signs include,

  • Slow drainage in showers, sinks, or tub
  • Unpleasant odor from drains
  • Gurgling sounds in pipes
  • Water backing up in multiple fixtures
  • Persistent water pooling around drains or fixtures
  • Changes in toilet water levels
  • Frequent clogs
  • Visible signs of water damage
  • A sudden increase in water bills

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No! Chemical drain cleaners may seem like a quick fix for clogged drains but it’s recommended to avoid their use. Often, these chemical drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can affect both your plumbing system and the environment. Moreover, chemical cleaners corrode the pipes over time when used excessively and frequently. This weakens the integrity of the pipes, leading to leaks and potential costly repairs. Moreover, these chemicals may not effectively remove the entire clog, resulting in a temporary solution that allows the problem to persist. Also, the substances found in the chemical cleaners can be harmful when they enter the water supply, affecting aquatic ecosystems and potentially harming human health. So, it’s always better to choose alternative options such as a plunger, plumbing snake, or more. Contact residential drain cleaning near you to identify the cause of the clog and solutions to remove it without affecting your plumbing system.

In order to prevent and maintain a functional plumbing system, here are a few dos and don’ts from our experts.


  • Install drain screens or strainers to catch drains, and avoid putting grease, coffee grounds, hair, and large food particles down the drain.
  • Hire professionals and clean drains periodically to prevent clogs that could affect your plumbing system.
  • Dispose of cooking oils and fats in designated containers. Also, scrape dishes and utensils before washing to minimize the introduction of food particles.
  • Use hair catchers in shower and tub drains to prevent hair accumulation. Regularly empty and clean hair catchers.



  • Don’t flush non-biodegradable items, such as wipes or feminine hygiene products, down the toilet.
  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners that can damage pipes and harm the environment.
  • Don’t perform DIY tasks to avoid complex plumbing issues.
  • Don’t ignore warning signs of potential clogs, such as slow drainage or unusual noises in the plumbing system.

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Yes! Tree roots cause drain blockages and cause a threat to underground plumbing systems. Tree roots naturally tend to extend toward sources of moisture, including sewer pipes. Over time, small cracks or joints in aging pipes can attract these roots, providing an entry point. Once inside the pipe, the roots expand and form dense masses, obstructing the flow of wastewater. When roots grow and multiply, they exert considerable pressure on the pipes, leading to cracks, leaks, and, ultimately, complete blockages. This intrusion affects the proper functioning of the drainage system and results in extensive and costly damage to the pipes. Taking regular preventative measures and getting occasional plumbing inspections help avoid the risk of tree root intrusion. Talk to us now to find the best drain unclogging service near you now.

Hydro jetting is an advanced plumbing technique employed to remove blockages and clean drain and sewer lines. This technique makes use of a high-pressure stream of water, delivered through a specialized nozzle, to remove accumulated debris, grease, scale, and more. Here, the force of the water plays a vital role in dislodging and flushing out various types of buildup in the drains and sewer lines. With this technique plumbers near you remove existing blockages and clear up potential clog forming materials from the pipe walls. This is one of the most popular methods employed prevent clogs and ensure proper functioning of the plumbing system.

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